Exhibition | Hsiao Chin, From Beijing to Paris at 3812 Gallery opens today


Travel and passage from one state to the next are the motif of this 3812 exhibition - as they are of Hsiao Chin's whole art and life.




If one experience has shaped Hsiao Chin's life and art, it is the journey, both literal and metaphorical. It is not simply that across his 86 years Hsiao Chin has moved from country to country, from continent to continent. Equally his art has 'journeyed' between Asian and European loyalties, drawing on both western and Chinese art traditions, often within the same individual painting. Even over the last few years when age and most obviously, the restrictions accompanying Covid have obliged him to stay at home, his art has continued to travel - in major one person museum exhibitions.


A parallel online viewing room is now open to the public on 3812 Gallery's website (www.3812gallery.com).


September 3, 2021