Exhibition | Masterpiece London Art Fair 2022

30 June - 6 July

Spirit and Landscape: 3812 Gallery at Masterpiece London


This summer from 30 June - 6 July, 3812 Gallery will present Spirit and Landscape at Masterpiece London 2022. The unique presentation offers a rare opportunity to encounter major landscape works of the last hundred years from British, Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong and Chinese-European artists whose work can be found in museums from New York's Metropolitan to Tate, from National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome to the Palace Museum in Hong Kong. Featuring Peter Lanyon, Alfred Wallis, Terry Frost, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Hsiao Chin, Wang Huangsheng Raymond Fung, Liu Guofu, Zhao Zhao, Chloe Ho and Liu Yangwen.

June 13, 2022