• Publications

  • 2021:

    The Artist as Astronaut: Hsiao Chin, texts by Hsiao Chin, Philip Dodd, Wang Huangsheng and Calvin Hui. Song Art Museum



    In my beginning is my end: the art of Hsiao Chin, texts by Hsiao Chin, Maris Cacka, Philip Dodd, Richard Cork. Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia.

    Hsiao Chin and Punto: Mapping Post-War Avant-Gardetexts by Edward Lucie Smith and Joshua Gong. Unicorn Publishing Group



    Hsiao Chin – Infinite Universe, texts by Hsiao Chin, Jonathan Wong and Felix Kwok. Sotheby’s.

    The Colours of Ch’an – Tribute to Hsiao Chin, texts by Hsiao Chin, Sophie Makariou, Maggie Wu, Jérôme Neutres, Li Lei, Calvin Hui, Henry Tang Ying-yen and Yaman Shao. Musée National Des Arts Asiatiques Guimet.



    Spiritual Energy, texts by Hsiao Chin and Maggie Wu. Kaohsiung: Lotus Art Gallery.

    Legend of the Rambling King – Side View of Hsiao Chin, dictation by Hsiao Chin, texts by Maggie Wu. Punto Press.

    Zen. Art – Bright Light: Homage to Ascendence, text by Venerable Thong Hong. Tsz Shan Monastery.

    Hsiao Chin Coming Home, texts by Hsiao Chin, Li Lei, Tsai Chao-Yi and Maggie Wu. China Art Museum.



    A Historical Dialogue with Art, texts by Hsiao Chin. Punto Press.



    Hsiao Chin Novel Energy : The End is the Beginning, texts by Hsiao Chin. Tina Keng Gallery.

    Endless Energy: Hsiao Chin Solo Exhibition 2016, text by Tsai Chao-Yi. 3812 Gallery.



    Eighty Years of Energy, Hsiao Chin’s Retrospect & Prospect, texts by Tsai Chao-Yi and Chiang Po-Shin. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.



    Hsiao Chin: Eternal Energy, texts by Hsiao Chin. Kaohsiung: Lotus Art Gallery.

    Hsiao Chin: Infinite Energy, texts by Hsiao Chin. Kuo Mu Sheng Foundation.



    Infinity of Chi: Retrospective of Hsiao Chin, texts by Hsiao Chin, Pei-Ni Beatrice Hsieh & Aldo Tagliaferri. Kaohsiung: Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.



    Hsiao Chin, texts by Maurizio Vanni & Aldo Tagliaferri. Siena: Carlo Cambi.



    Hsiao Chin (Glory to the Source, A Retrospective Exhibition of Hsiao Chin 1955-2005), text by Hsiao Chiung-Jui. Taipei: Lin & Lin Gallery.



    Hsiao Chin (Percorsi di Autocoscienza nell’ Anima), text by Maurizio Vanni. Firenze: Carlo Cambi.

    Hsiao Chin, text by Nerio Rosa. Racanati: Museo Civico.Hsiao Chin 1954-2004 / A Journey back to the Source, texts by Pei-Ni Beatrice Hsieh & Sun Xiao-Feng. Guangzhou: Guangdong Museum of Art.

    Hsiao Chin 1954-2004 / A Journey back to the Source, preface by Zheng Ji-Si. Zhongshan: Zhongshan Museum of Art.

    The Other Portrait of Hsiao Chin, text by Pei-Ni Beatrice Hsieh. Taipei: China Times Publications.



    Hsiao Chin (Hsiao Chin’s Painting 1958-2004), texts by Hsiao Chiung-Jui & Jiang Mei. Shanghai: Shanghai Art Museum.



    Hsiao Chin, texts by Vittorio Fagone and Pei-Ni Beatrice Hsieh. Milano: Mazzotta Editore.



    Il Biccbiere di Ciada, text by Sebastiano Grasso, collected 4 etchings by Hsiao Chin. Belluno: Colophon.



    Hsiao Chin: Overseas Collections, conversation with C.S. Tseng. Taipei: Dimensions Art Center.



    Hsiao Chin, texts by Klaus Volbert & Sam Hunter. Darmstadt: Institut Mathildenhöhe.

    Hsiao Chin: La Molteplicità della Vita nella Semplicità di Un Gesto, text by Andrea Alibrandi. Firenze: Il Ponte.



    Hsiao Chin: Gathering Force, texts by Sam Hunter & Huang Hai-Ming. Taipei: Dimensions Art Center.



    Hsiao Chin, texts by Hsiao Chiung-Jui, Sam Hunter & Chang Fan-Wei. Taipei: Dimensions Art Center.



    Hsiao Chin: the Odyssey 1953-1994, texts by Yip Wai-Lim & Hsiao Chiung-Jui. Taipei: Taipei Fine Arts Museum.



    A Taoist Way to Color, texts by M. Gaudet & Ku Shih-Yong. Hong Kong: Alisan Fine Arts Ltd.

    Essays and Notes on Art, text by Hsiao Chin. Taichung: Taiwan Museum of Art.



    Hsiao Chin, texts by Flaminio Gualdoni & Michel Gaudet. Milano: l’Agrifoglio.

    Hsiao Chin 1959-1992, texts by D. Salvatore-Schiffer, Chen Yan-Pmg & Ku Shih-Yong. Taichung: Taiwan Museum of Art.



    Chuang-Tze: Identità delle Cose e delle Opinion, text by Chuang-Tze, collected 8 tempera paintings by Hsiao Chin. Bergamo: El Bagatt.

    Hsiao Chin, text by D. Salvatore-Schiffer. Milano: Mazzotta.



    Hsiao Chin, texts by Hsiao Chin & Lao-Tze. Copenhagen: BOA Tryk + Reklame.



    Hsiao Chin: II Senza Forma, texts by Lao-Tze & Giovanna Giordano. Messina: Hobelix Editrice.



    Hsiao Chin: A Neo-Taoist Approach to Painting, texts by Cheung King-Hung, Ling Nien-Tung, Hsiao Chin & Yip Wai-Lim. Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Institute for Promotion of Chinese Culture.



    Hsiao: Pensieri Invisibili, text by E. Maurizi, collected 3 etchings by Hsiao Chin. Torino: Ideogramma.



    Hsiao Chin: La Poesia del Tao, text by Elverio Maurizi. Macerata: Coopedit.

    La Via di Hsiao, texts by Aldo Tagliaferri, Hsiao Chin, E. Albuzzi, G. B. Belgrano, E. Biffi Gentili. Pollenza (MC): La Nuova Foglio.

    Hsiao- Maestri Contemporanei, texts by Enzo Biffi Gentili & Francis R. Lee. Milano: Vanessa.



    Ch’an, text by E. Albuzzi, collected 5 silkscreens by Hsiao Chin. Milano: Studio Marconi.

    Hsiao Chin, text by Giulio Angelucci, collected 7 aquatints by Hsiao Chin. Pollenza (MC): La Nuova Foglio.

    Ch’an di Hsiao, text by Italo Mussa, collected 7 aquatints by Hsiao Chin. Macerata: Triade Accedente.



    Hsiao, texts by G. Schonenberger & E. Albuzzi. Taipei: Lion Art Books.

    Cinque Serigrafie di Hsiao, text by L. Serravalli. Jesi: Arte Nuova Oggi.



    Un Processo di Penetrazione, collected 9 lithographies by Hsiao Chin. Milano: G. Upiglio.

    Hsiao, text by G. Schonenberger. Milano: Prearo.



    Oh! Che Vertigine, collected 9 poems and 9 aquatints by Hsiao Chin. Milano: Grafica Uno.



    Hsiao Chin, text by Kurt Leohard. Milano: Vanni Scheiwiller.



    Hsiao Chin, text by Kurt Leonhard, collected 8 original prints by Hsiao Chin. Milano: Grafica Uno.



    Tao, text by Lao-Tze, collected lithography by Hsiao Chin. Milano: East 128.